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As a member you will also enjoy exclusive investment opportunities across a range of industries and receive an annual bonus on the Knightsbridge investments.

Be The Best You Can Be

As a Knightsbridge VIP you have access to the people and the tools to achieve your goals.


Get personal advice directly from our leaders


Focus in on your goals, refine your path and achieve success

Self Development

Learn the secrets of the market and the commercial world, master them and master yourself


As a VIP you will receive the support you need to become a success



$1000(Per Year)
  • 1000 Points
  • Annual Bonus
  • VIP Events
  • Trading Mentor
  • 10 Chances To Win


$5000(Per Year)
  • 5250 Points
  • Annual Bonus
  • VIP Events
  • Trading Mentor
  • 50 Chances To Win


$10,000(Per Year)
  • 11000 Points
  • Annual Bonus
  • VVIP Events
  • Senior Trading Mentor
  • 100 Chances To Win


$100000(One Time)
  • 120,000 Points
  • Annual Bonus
  • VVIP Events
  • Trading Mentor
  • Concierge


$1000000(One Time)
  • 150,000 Points
  • 88 Seats Only
  • Annual Bonus
  • All Events
  • Trade Desk Direct
Unlock the secrets to success. Feel more energized, focused and grounded. You will be prepared for opportunity.
Become a Club Ambassador and spread the word, build a career around helping others and thereby helping yourself, the ultimate win-win.
WIN Knightsbridge offers regular chances to win amazing prizes from VIP event tickets to Real Estate and more.
Become a master trader, learn the tools of the trade, gain an insiders knowledge of markets, create a new world for you.

The pathway to successRedefine yourself as a Luxury item

The information, network and secrets to creating a better version of you. Expanding horizons and opportunities, join us today.

How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

Nothing changes unless you change, let Knightsbridge guide you through the transition to a better, more abundant and balanced life.

Ready to start?

Are you ready to take the bold step forward and become a leader for you family and community? Then let's get started!

All applications processed within 24hrs.

Make A Decision
Decide to create the change you need to live the life you want to live.
Talk To Us
Tell us where you are, and where you want to be, email us, chat with us, attend our meetings and discover the power you know you already have.
Show Commitment
Create your destiny and then accept it as fact, this is where you are headed, believe in yourself and keep striving.
Milestones Reached
Set your Milestones and continue forward, enjoy the achievement but stay hungry for the long-term success.

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